Appliance Golf League Rules

Membership & Dues

Minimum age for a member is 25 years of age. Membership fees are $70 per year, which includes the $12 kitty for each "side game" played each week (alternating between closest to the pin, low putts and low net). Any ties during the weekly "side game" will be split between the winners. This fee must be paid prior to Snowball Tournament. A new member joining the League after the season has begun will be charged an entry fee based on $3.50 per week for the remainder of the weeks in the season. For instance, if he joins in the 5th week, he will be charged $56.00 for the remainder of the season.

If a member needs to take a year off to care for a seriously ill family member, a spot will be held for this member the following year.


The League will elect a President-elect and Secretary each year at the dinner following the Individual League Championship.

Duties of the President:

  1. Presides over the organizational meeting in March as well as any other meetings that may occur during the season
  2. He decides whether to play in the event of rain or other inclement conditions
  3. Determines how many will be attending the banquet at the end of the year and orders food, and organizes the banquet

Duties of the Vice-President:

  1. Schedules one or two outings during the year at local/regional courses
  2. Presides over any meetings where the President is not present

Duties of the Treasurer:

  1. Sets up the League schedule, including weekly matches, Snowball Tournament, and year-end tournament
  2. Sends out membership letter at beginning of season
  3. Collects membership fees
  4. Distributes weekly payout to the winner of the "side game"
  5. Distributes payout for Individual League Championship

Duties of the Webmaster-Secretary:

  1. Calculates HC for each player as described herein
  2. Maintains points totals for individuals and teams
  3. Prepares scorecards for each match and distributes them on Thursday
  4. Provides schedule of events and member list to each member
  5. Keeps minutes of meetings, rules changes, and maintains rules

League Timeline

The suggested league timeline is as follows:

  • January - President should contact the golf course to set up dates for the Snowball tournament, league play, playoffs, and league championship as well as find out what the green fees are for the year. The Snowball tournament is usually the Sunday before the first weekly match is played. Be mindful of Easter so that the Snowball tournament doesn't fall on Easter Sunday. Match play generally begins the middle of April. President and Secretary should also set up a date, time, and place for the March organizational meeting so that it can be sent out to the membership.
  • Feburary - Secretary should send letter out to all members w/ the following info: (1) date, time, and place of March organizational meeting; (2) dates of Snowball tournament, beginning of league play, dates for playoffs, green fees, and date of League Championship; (3) the registration form and the amount due for the dues for year. This information needs to go out as early as possible so that we will have plenty of time to replace any vacancies we have in the membership with quality players. If we know of any member who will not be back, we need to recruit members to fill that empty slot. We may need to fill the slot w/ a like-player, i.e. find a #3 player to replace a #3 or, if the handicaps are suitable, shift players around and fill the empty spot as needed, perhaps moving a #4 up to a #3 and getting a new #4 for instance.
  • March - Purpose of the Organizational meeting is to: (1) select team members; (2) go over dates, green fees, etc; (3) discuss any changes in dues, rules, etc.
  • April-September - League play, outings, and tournaments. The Vice President is responsible for setting up one or two outings at other area courses for those interested and able to go.
  • September - At the dinner after the League Championship we will conduct the election of new officers as well as pass out the winnings for the Championship and year-long winnings.

Snowball Tournament

If a member of your team is missing the 3 players rotate taking the 4th shot every time.

To determine the Snowball Tournament winner average the handicap of all golfers present for each team and subtract that average from their gross score.


There are six (6) teams composed of 4 players each.

At the beginning of each year, players are grouped into one of four groups, "One" players through "Four" players. Returning players handicap is based on their handicap at the end of the previous season (not including playoff rounds). The six players with the lowest handicap will be the #1 players, the next six will be the #2 players, etc. In the event of a tie in handicap to determine the rank of a player, the lowest handicap to four decimal places will be used to determine the ranking. For example, if there are two players that could be #3 players and one player has a handicap of 9.33 and another has 9.35, the 9.33 player will be the #3 player and the 9.35 will be a #4 player. If a tie persists to two decimal points (both players are 9.33), the #3 player will be determined by calculating the lowest HC based on the average of ALL regular season scores of the previous year's matches. If this does not resolve the tie, the #3 player will be drawn out of a hat.

Each team captain (the #1 player) will be assigned a team number. The #2 players will be drawn at random. The first #2 player will be assigned to Team 1, the second #2 player drawn will be assigned to Team 2, and so on. This will also be done for the #3 and #4 players.

A schedule of matches will be provided to each player at the beginning of the season. Each player will eventually be paired w/ every other player in the league. The first 5 weeks will have the #1 and #2 players paired together and the #3 and #4 paired together. For the 5-10th weeks, the #1 and #3 are paired as are #2 and #4. For weeks 10-15, players #1 and #4 will be paired with #2 and #3 paired. For the last 5 weeks we will revert to the same pairings as the first five weeks.


In the event that a substitute player is needed to replace a member for a portion of the season, the money won for team rankings and team performance at year's end will be split between the member and the substitute, proportional to the weeks that each played. Money won for individual performance, i.e. low putts, low net, most points, will be awarded to that particular player.

In order to be eligible for the payout money at the end of the year, a player must pay his dues and play at least 10 weeks of the season. Having paid his prorated dues, a substitute player WILL be eligible for all the weekly side game money for the weeks that he competes.

There are no substitutes allowed for playoff matches.

Substitute player handicap information


A player's league handicap is figured as the difference between par (currently 37 on the front nine at Riviera) and the player's average score. For example, if a player's average score is 40, their handicap would be 3 (40-37=3). As league play continues, a handicap may be a fraction. Fractions greater than or equal to .5 are rounded up, less than .5 are rounded down. So, a handicap of 4.55 would become 5, while a handicap of 4.48 would become 4.

To start the new season returning players' handicaps will be based on their year-end handicap which is the best 50% or better of the scores from the prior season. New players joining at the beginning of the season will be the average of the scores that person has on the front 9 of Riviera or an honest assessment of his likely average score on the front 9 of Riviera.

In season handicaps are recalculated every five weeks using the best 50% or better of each player's scores. For example, if a player plays in all 10 matches the first two quarters of the season their handicap will be based on the average of their 5 best scores. If a player only plays in 9 matches in their first two quarters of the season their handicap will still be based on the average of their 5 best scores.

The ranking of players (i.e., 1-4 players) will be based on the year-end handicap which is the best 50% or better of the scores.

Assuming that a player plays all 20 weeks, the HC will be figured as follows:

  • For the 6th week, the best 3 scores of the previous 5 weeks will be used
  • For the 11th week, the best 5 scores of the previous 10 weeks will be used
  • For the 16th week, the best 8 scores of the previous 15 weeks will be used

For the Team Playoffs and Individual League Championship, the best 10 scores of the entire season will be used. This HC will be used for any/all of the team playoffs (9-hole match-play) and the individual League Championship Tournament (18-holes stroke-play).

HC for the League Championship at the end of the season will be 1.5 times the 9-hole HC. For example, a player w/ a HC of 4 will have a HC of 6 for the 18-hole tournament. A player w/ a HC of 7 will have a HC of 11 (7+3.5= 10.5 rounded to 11).

We do not compute handicap based on USGA rules.

Substitute Handicap

Handicaps for substitutes entering league play in mid-year will be treated exactly as new players starting at the beginning of the year. THe starting handicap will be initially based on as honest an assessment of his rounds at Riviera that can be made. Once he begins league play, his handicap will be based ONLY on the rounds played in LEAGUE PLAY. The handicap will then change as per league rules. His handicap will be changed every 5 weeks as is league policy. If, for instance, he joins the league in week 8, his handicap will be the same for Week 8, 9, and 10 then will change with the rest of the league for Week 11.

Schedule and Cancellations

There are 20 regularly scheduled matches each season. In the event of rain, a maximum of three make-up weeks will be played at the end of the regular season. Team Championships (9-holes, match play) will be played the weeks immediately following regular season play. The Individual League Championship (18-holes played on a Sunday) is usually scheduled in mid-September.

In the case of a rain-out or cancellation, the cancelled match will be played the following week. In effect, the schedule gets pushed back one week. If rain begins after play begins, the match will be counted as complete only if all groups have completed at least 5 holes. If 5 holes are not completed by all groups, the match is not counted. If a match is completed after 5 holes, the scoring and handicap calculation will be based on a player's current handicap.

In the event of rain before a match begins, it is each players responsibility to be at the course and ready to play. If, however, you have been called and informed that the match has been cancelled or you have called the course and found that the course is closed, you need not show up. If the course is open, we WILL meet at the course to determine if we will play. If you choose not to come out or not to play, you will be counted as absent.

Tee times generally begin at 5:30. However, if your group is there and ready to play and the tee is open, you may begin early. If a member of your foursome calls and indicates that he will be late, however, you are obligated to wait until he arrives.

If we cannot tee off at our designated time (due to weather, etc.) we can have a "shotgun" start w/ groups beginning on #1, #3, and #5.

Rules Governing Play

Play in the Appliance League is Match Play. You can read more about Match Play on the USGA website.

BE COURTEOUS TO YOUR FELLOW COMPETITORS. AVOID SLOW PLAY AND BE READY TO TEE OFF AT YOUR ASSIGNED TEE TIME. No one likes to have their tee time delayed or be held up while out on the course.

If you hit a ball other than your own, you lose the hole and are assessed a two-stroke penalty for the hole.

The maximum allowed score for each hole is two more strokes than your opponent on that hole.

The ball can be played up and can be moved one hand's width (tip of little finger to tip of thumb, both extended) anywhere except the green to improve the lie. We want to have fun playing this gentleman's game.

In that Riviera has a history of not manicuring the bunkers players can elect to move the ball from the bunker (no closer to the hole AND not on the green) or lift the ball in the bunker and rake the area where the ball came to rest raked.

Number four players must declare their intention to play white or yellow tees prior to the annual Snowball Tournament. The player will be required to play the ENTIRE season and playoffs from the same set of tees. Only players playing from white tees will be eligible to move up to a higher position for the next season.

Any players aged 75 and older, regardless of handicap, will be eligible to play the senior tees.


Any missed matches must be made up within the current quarter of the schedule. All matches must be made up and scorecards sent to the webmaster by Wednesday evening prior to the next quarter starting. If you miss Week 8, you have until the night before Week 11's Thursday play to make-up your match and send your scorecard to the website to ensure handicaps are updated and ready for Week 11.

Opposing players are obligated to make every effort to accommodate the player who is missing the match. The proper handicap will be applied to the match that would be applied should the match be played at the scheduled date. If you pre-play a Thursday match and that regular Thursday match is rained out, your pre-play match is also considered rained out and is null and void.

If during this time a player misses five matches he will be replaced immediately.

In the event of medical issue, serious injury or illness, either to the player or a family member that needs their care, accommodations will be made to replace that player with a temporary player while his absence is required. Once the player is able to return to regular play, the temporary player will be released and the member will rejoin the League play.

If a member of your foursome is not present at your appointed tee time, the next foursome will be allowed to tee off ahead of your group. Your foursome continues to get bumped back until your entire foursome is present. Once all of your group is present, you can tee off. If you know that you will not be able to play on a particular week, CALL OR TEXT YOUR OPPONENT and let them know. This saves us all time and trouble. Likewise, if you know that one of your group will not be present, your threesome can tee off at its appropriate time, assuming that all of you are there and ready to play.


Points are awarded as follows:

  • 2 points for the winner of a match
  • 1 point for a tie
  • 0 points for a loss

If a player is absent, his opponent automatically gets 1 point for showing up and playing and can win a 2nd point by beating or tying his partner's opponent. If neither opponent of one team shows up, the opponents that did show up receive two points each, but they must complete their round in order to receive the points. For example, if the number 1 and 2 players of Team 1 do not show up and their opponents on Team 2 do show up and play, both of the Team 2 players get 2 points. The same applies if all members of a team do not show up.

Team Championship

Each team accumulates points based on matches won, lost or tied. To determine the Team Champion for the year, a playoff system has been devised. In the first round, the team finishing the season in 1st place will play the team finishing the season in 4th place and the team finishing the season in 2nd place will play the team finishing in 3rd place. The two winners will then play the championship match. The Team playoffs will begin the week immediately following regular season play.

Format for the Team Championships will be same as regular season play, match play.

Teams are ranked in the standings by Total Points, then #1 Player Points, then #2 Player Points, then #3 Player Points, and finally #4 Player Points.

In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by comparing the score of the two closest handicap opponents starting with the #1 handicap hole (and up, as needed) to determine who had the low net score on that hole. For example:

  • One Players: 2 HC vs 3 HC
  • Two Players: 4 HC vs 6 HC
  • Three Players: 9 HC vs 7 HC
  • Four Players: 11 HC vs 11 HC
In this scenario you would compare the score of the four players starting with the #1 handicap hole (and up, as needed) to determine who had the low net score on that hole.

There are no substitutes allowed for playoff matches.

Individual Championship

The final event of each season is the Individual League Championship followed by a dinner, wives are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The Individual Championship is an 18-hole, stroke-play event played on a Sunday in mid-September. The HC for the 18-hole events will be 1.5 times your final season handicap.

In the event of a tie for the championship, the winner will be determined by starting with the #1 handicap hole (and up, as needed) to determine who had the low net score on that hole.

Budget and End of Year Payouts

All the payouts will be at the dinner following the League Championship at the end of the year with the exception of payouts for the Snowball Tournament and weekly games.

Dues are $65 per person for a total of $1,560. Payouts are as follows:

Weekly Games ($12 x 20 Weeks) $240
Team Regular Season Champions: $100 (25/player)
Team Playoff Champions: $100 (25/player)
Individual Points Winner: $25
Low Net Single Score Year: $25
Low Gross Single Score Year: $25
Low Net Average Score Year: $25
Low Gross Average Score Year: $25
Snowball Tournament 1st Place: $100
Individual Tournament 1st Place: $100
Individual Tournament 2nd Place: $80
Individual Tournament 3rd Place: $60
Individual Tournament Low Putts: $20
Individual Tournament Closest to Pin (#6 and #17): $40 ($20 each)
Individual Tournament Dinner & Tip: $450
League Web Fee: $190
Total: $1,605